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Trending Bitcoin & Crypto News | 9 Jan. 2018

  1. Mark Zuckerberg discusses decentralisation and Cryptocurrency on Facebook. Are we going to earn some kind of Tokens for Posts? Unfortunately there is already a FaceCoin…
  2. New Bitcoin forks coming. Are Bitcoin Exchanges getting sick of them? There’s a lot of work involved!
  3. Is a single Whale manipulating the Bitcoin Market? That may well be the case… Something is slowing Bitcoin’s recovery, and it’s not Bitcoin holders, enthusiasts, miners, or normal investors. It feels that somebody or some organisation or government is deliberately keeping the price down.
  4. Coindesk analyst says Central Banks won’t be starting their own crypto by end off 2018.
  5. Herman Gref, Russia’s Sberbank’s chairman, thinks it could take 10 years for blockchain adoption.
    By that time, Bitcoin could be worth $10s of millions per coin.
  6. CNBC predicts Bitcoin value of $ 60,000, but also predictably claims Bitcoin is a bubble.
  7. The Business Standard reports Bitcoin passes $16,000 as rebound begins. How many will be surprised by the news?
  8. Charles Schwab, the financial strategist says that ‘Bitcoin’s Bubble’ Is Something Different.
    Who’d have thought it?

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