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Today, 5th Sep 17, each Ripple is $0.21273800. According to Ripple has a current circulating supply of 38.3 Billion coins and a total volume exchanged of $271,357,000.0

So let’s look at this independently. In the middle of August, I bought Ripple for 15US cents per coin. So I’ve already made a 25% profit on that, and I’m going to hold the 4000+ Ripple I obtained for a single Ether.



If you currently pay with Bitcoin for your Ripple, you can do even better. You can get Ripple for about 8 US Cents per coin.

This points to the enduring value of Bitcoin, and shows an example of how you can use it to obtain other coins at a discount, because everyone weants Bitcoin.

But Ripple! Why, you may ask…? Why hold rather than take profit?

My question is the reverse – why take profit now when you may profit a thousand fold, just by holding for a year or two. Of course you could lose the lot if Ripple crashed totally and never recovered. But there is a very slim chance of that happening. Ripple has already increased in value by 40 times this year. says:
“Last month, Ripple signed up 10 new financial institutions, including BBVA, to its payments platform that supports speedy transactions by eliminating all the friction that exists between various currencies and financial systems.

Global banks including Bank of AmericaRBC and UBS are also customers. While bitcoin is the more established cyptocurrency, it’s primarily used today as an investment vehicle and has run into big latency problems with handling transactions.”

Ripple is right in the process of building the digital payments standard for the financial sector. This gives it incredible potential by definition. Having already signed up major institutions, who see Ripple as a way of making speedy international transactions with far less hassle, paperwork, and record-keeping than those transactions currently entail, especially for larger transactions, in the long-term, especially when you look at their market capitalisation that is second only to Bitcoin, in my personal opinion, Ripple is already too big to fail. It’s already too big not to continue its rise in value, perhaps even catching up with bitcoin.

If it does that, it will make millions of people millionaires.

As always, don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose. Don’t get out of your box and look around. Just stay safe. If you do nothing, nothing can harm you.

John Bremner