Why Banks Can’t Stop Bitcoin Transactions

By | Nov 5, 2017

Imagine the scenario: you’ve just transferred the fiat (that’s proper folding money, in case you didn’t know), equivalent of, say, five Bitcoins, by SEPA, to a LocalBitcoins seller to do a Bitcoin transaction. Soon afterwards you get a call from your Assistant Bank Manager wanting to know why you are transferring the money, and what it’s going to be… Read More »

John Bremner

Bitcoin.com Chart Date Hacked?

By | Nov 5, 2017

Has Bitcoin.com Chart Date Been Hacked? I like the simplified charts at Bitcoin.com, but all day today, the 4th November 2017 the dates at the bottom of the charts have been wrong. Has the site been hacked, and is Bitcoin.com finding it difficult to fix this particular hack? Or is it just some kind of internal server or… Read More »

John Bremner

Why the Majority Get Things Wrong!

By | Nov 3, 2017

What Matters? This is very relevant to cryptocurrency. Who you take advice from matters. What you believe matters. How you come to your beliefs matter a lot. Most people believe many things that are not true. For example, you may believe that your wife is faithful. Statistically, she is probably not faithful. If you have a religion, since… Read More »

John Bremner

The New Bitcoin Paradigm Changes Value Predictions

By | Nov 2, 2017

Bitcoin defies all expectations. A new paradigm is required, which says this: Expect your predictions to happen sooner than you think. So I said that Bitcoin would reach the value of $7000 by the end of November. It’s taken me totally by surprise that the value I predicted has been reached by the 2nd of November! And I… Read More »

John Bremner

Bitcoin Price Through Hard Forks: Bitcoin Wins!

By | Oct 31, 2017

Do ₿itcoin Hard Forks Help or Hinder the Iconic Coin? It has always been clear to me that Bitcoin is a great investment, and the Bitcoin price keeps rising, so I can’t help wondering why that is not so clear to others. Hard forking is perhaps the most recent reason that makes people wary. But are they justified?… Read More »

John Bremner

Bitcoin hits $6000! There Will be Blood.

By | Oct 20, 2017

I Did Happen to Mention… I’d hate to be one of those people who says ‘I told you so!’ all the time, but I had to make a comment on the recent value of Bitcoin. I told you so! Well, I was being conservative, as my predictions usually are when I said Bitcoin would reach a value of… Read More »

John Bremner

Xapo CEO Wences Casares Talks about Bitcoin Value of $1,000,000 in 10 Years.

By | Oct 11, 2017

What could a Bitcoin be worth in ten years? This video gives a personal view from someone who is an expert. However, personally I think Wences Casares, co-founder and CEO of Bitcoin firm Xapo, is greatly underestimating the potential growth of Bitcoin, especially as Bitcoin becomes more difficult to mine and less new coins are on the market. But I thought you… Read More »

John Bremner

Why I Believe in LiteCoin Potential

By | Oct 8, 2017

LiteCoin will Rise like a Phoenix It was just about March this year when Litecoin took off on what can only be called an exponential rise in value. As of today, Litecoin has a current Market Cap of $2,759,452,600. For those not good with written figures, that’s about USD 23/4 Billion (1) (not million) which is the equivalent of 655,488 Bitcoin.… Read More »

John Bremner

Pure Investment | A New Way of Thinking about Crypto-Currency

By | Nov 4, 2017

Let the Genie out of the Lamp… Sounds Cryptic? All will become clear. So, Bitcoin is on the way up again, as everyone knew would happen, and thus fulfils its potential as pure investment. Because that is actually what it is, if you can think like that instead of thinking like a speculator. The most attractive thing about… Read More »

John Bremner

A Quick Word about Litebit.eu

By | Sep 25, 2017

And all who heard should see them there,  And all should cry, Beware! Beware! All right, I’m taking Coleridge’s quote out of context, but there is nothing wrong with pointing readers to a great poem, is there? Whilst at the same time incorporating a warning… Litebit.eu LOOKS great! I think you’ll agree from the screenshot of their site… Read More »

John Bremner