Bitcoin Rises and Falls, but Always Grows.

By | September 24, 2017
Exponential growth of Bitcoin
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[Updated Sep. 25th]
Bitcoin continues its exponential growth, but continuing that growth takes continual investment. What better way to get people to invest than suddenly making Bitcoin cheaper to purchase? Does that involve price manipulation by those who hold thousands of Bitcoin suddenly selling, causing the price to drop, and then buying back at the new lower price? You tell me! However, unlike the deliberate manipulation of stocks and shares, which is usually illegal (although all brokers do it). Well, I’ll say ‘most’ so Broker Guy reading this… I’m talking about all the others. Not you!

Exponential growth of Bitcoin

Exponential growth of Bitcoin

And so it goes, and so it grows

Nothing about the new high to $5000 per coin should surprise Bitcoin investors, or ‘Bitcoiners’. Neither should the profit-taking at that price, by those with the short-term view, that led to a rapid drop of around $200 in value. But that drop in value was seen as a great investment opportunity for either those who are buying when they can, and holding, or those who are just entering the market for Bitcoin, following the fairly recent mainstream publicity that has started to intrigue those who were sitting on the fence.

As a ‘buyer and holder’ I am very much in favour of the occasional dips in value that happen to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, LiteCoin, and Dash. It gives me the chance to make new investments at a reduced cost, that I know will very soon be worth much more than the investment cost me.


The ‘naysayers’ point to the dips and subsequent growth of cryptocurrencies as a proof of instability. But they are either wrong, or knowing liars with a vested interest in devaluing  the new electronic currencies, as more and more individual and even corporate investors pull away from the uncertainties of the stock market, and head for the potentially massive profits of cryptocurrencies.

In fact, the dips and subsequent growth of Bitcoin and other cryptos are proof of life. Proof of growing. Proof of longevity.

But then, I’m not a financial advisor. For financial advice ask one of them, if you can find an honest one who won’t charge you more in fees than he or she will help you to profit. Oh, and incidentally, if you follow external links from this site, it does not mean that is necessarily recommending that you do business with any of the sites you land on.