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Should I Buy Bitcoin Now: November ’18 ?

By | Dec 9, 2018

Should you buy Bitcoin in November 2018? According to CNBC: “Cryptocurrencies are cheap right now,” says Dan Morehead, founder of Pantera Capital Management, referring in particular to Bitcoin. [So it’s a good time to buy.] Bitcoin is near a six month low right now, but that is not necessarily bad news. From a low, the only way to… Read More »

Bitcoin-Tether Relationship with Bitfinex

By | Dec 11, 2017

Bitcoin-Tether. As expected, when the recent flurry of excitement about Bitcoin sent the value up by $3000 in a day, the ‘Establishment’, Central Bankers and their mouthpieces, the mainstream press and TV, started a flurry of stories about how Bitcoin was a bubble that would soon burst. Since most people go to mainstream news for information about the… Read More »

Xapo CEO Wences Casares Talks about Bitcoin Value of $1,000,000 in 10 Years.

By | Oct 11, 2017

What could a Bitcoin be worth in ten years? This video gives a personal view from someone who is an expert. However, personally I think Wences Casares, co-founder and CEO of Bitcoin firm Xapo, is greatly underestimating the potential growth of Bitcoin, especially as Bitcoin becomes more difficult to mine and less new coins are on the market. But I thought you… Read More »

Why I Believe in LiteCoin Potential

By | Oct 8, 2017

LiteCoin will Rise like a Phoenix It was just about March this year when Litecoin took off on what can only be called an exponential rise in value. As of today, Litecoin has a current Market Cap of $2,759,452,600. For those not good with written figures, that’s about USD 23/4 Billion (1) (not million) which is the equivalent of 655,488 Bitcoin.… Read More »

Pure Investment | A New Way of Thinking about Crypto-Currency

By | Nov 4, 2017

Let the Genie out of the Lamp… Sounds Cryptic? All will become clear. So, Bitcoin is on the way up again, as everyone knew would happen, and thus fulfils its potential as pure investment. Because that is actually what it is, if you can think like that instead of thinking like a speculator. The most attractive thing about… Read More »

A Quick Word about

By | Sep 25, 2017

And all who heard should see them there,  And all should cry, Beware! Beware! All right, I’m taking Coleridge’s quote out of context, but there is nothing wrong with pointing readers to a great poem, is there? Whilst at the same time incorporating a warning… LOOKS great! I think you’ll agree from the screenshot of their site… Read More »

How to Buy Bitcoin Without Getting Ripped Off

By | Oct 11, 2017

A Fast Strategy for Good Decisions in the Bitcoin Market Space When you are planning to buy Bitcoin, looking at Bitcoin prices on different exchanges you often see price differences as much as $200 per coin. And this only gets worse. A lot of the volatility is driven by false bad news, with the real good news often… Read More »

Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin Long-term Profit

By | Sep 22, 2017

Projecting Ahead Bitcoin Cash will possibly make some headway over the next few years, because there are millions of new private users entering the marketplace, and some of them hope that BCC will go the way of BTC in the long term. Plus, people have a tendency to want to buy whole coins, and to do that with… Read More »

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

By | Oct 11, 2017

If you’ve not yet got your head around 2FA (Two Factor Authentication), then it’s time you did! Basically, it is a system whereby, after logging into a website, you have to enter a 2FA code. The best code generator available that I know of is Google Authenticator, and it works on smartphones and tablets. You can download it from… Read More »

Fake News about Bitcoin on the Rise!

By | Oct 21, 2017

Fake News Rules Bitcoin Price Fluctuations… The traditional standard in reporting is to check three independent sources before printing a story. Unless, of course you are CNBC and are complying with government wishes to use fake news to drive down confidence in Bitcoin, or have otherwise been got at.

 I have to say that if Men in Black… Read More »