Should I Buy Bitcoin Now: November ’18 ?

By | December 9, 2018
CNBC: Bitcoin
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Should you buy Bitcoin in November 2018?

According to CNBC: “Cryptocurrencies are cheap right now,” says Dan Morehead, founder of Pantera Capital Management, referring in particular to Bitcoin. [So it’s a good time to buy.]

Bitcoin is near a six month low right now, but that is not necessarily bad news. From a low, the only way to go is up. And that is good news for Bitcoin. It makes now a great buying opportunity which is why I am putting it here on Cryptokronos.

However, there is price manipulation going on at a massive scale.

Who has the power to overwhelm ordinary Bitcoin investors and manipulate the price to a massive extent? And who has the incentive? It can only be, in my humble opinion, powerful forces in governments and Central Banks who now own  vast amounts  of Bitcoin.

There are two stories possible. Either they want to completely destroy faith in Bitcoin,because it is the most dangerous challenge to fiat money and the establishment since John F Kennedy introduces the United States note without borrowing from the central banks. He was killed about 5 months later

You can find more about that here:

The other story, which is really the same story, is that the central banks want to keep the status-quo-of-fiat being in control. And there is a lot of fake news that detracts from the common person’s view of Bitcoin.

For example:


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Squashing Bitcoin Stories:

The ‘establishment’ does all it can to squash positive cryptocurrency stories, in particular when they involve positive news on Bitcoin. Once stories have been out for a while the detractors can let go of their focus on discrediting that one and concentrate on some other story, because everyone knows that new stories make the news and are shared on many sites, but a few days is a year in the internet space, and old stories are just not shared much – not enough, anyway, to get people to take action based on the news. Do you see any headlines now about last week’s earthquake? I thought not!

If you read over some of my previous posts you’ll see that I’ve been right and wrong on a number of occasions. Nobody can get it right all of the time. And it would be amazing if someone got it wrong all of the time. But I doubt very much If you will lose on Bitcoin if you buy right now and hold for 2 to 3 years. That’d be ridiculopus given the history of Bitcoin and ridiculous things tend not to happen.


Stack of Bitcoin

Bitcoin can’t Drop Much Below the Current Price – Here’s Why!

Because of Bitcoin holders, and lost forever Bitcoin, (because lost Bitcoin contributes to the Market Cap, and the price of Bitcoin and other cryptos is the Market Cap divided by the number of coins in circulation. Lost coins are considered to be in circulation, because nobody really knows how many are lost and how many are being held long-term) I can’t see the price dropping below its current value much.

I see a massive recovery as people who believe in Bitcoin. There are just too many people who can afford to hold no matter what, because despite what you may read about ‘bears’ dragging the price down, and ‘bulls’ buying and pulling the price up, in the end, in business and Bitcoin, optimists always win and even the ‘bears’ can’t do anything about the ‘lost Bitcoin’, contributing to the Market Cap…

Currently the Bitcoin cup is waiting to be filled. You can help fill it! Believe in that, and if you buy and hold Bitcoin, eventually you will have a full cup. Drink some of that, and like a magic cup, it will fill again.

Standard Disclaimer: This is not to be considered financial advice. It is purely the opinion of the author, John Bremner, and this is a Bremner Domains Enterprises website. Some links, if you click on them, will provide Bremner Domains with a small reward. This costs you nothing. I sometimes get things wrong, but I’m not usually wrong. Otherwise there’d be no point in me writing. I have a lot of experience in the blockchain space. You can make a lot of money. You can lose a lot. I’ve sometimes been very wrong. This artice is an example, because I’ve heavily edited it since August to take into account the downward trend of Bitcoin.

Never invest more than you can afford to lose completely, and do ensure you secure your crypto investments, whether your investment is low or high, in a hardware wallet.

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