Will Bitcoin Value go up? Is Bitcoin is on the Rise again? Bitcoin VS Gold.

By | April 23, 2019
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Gaining in value over $200 USD from just over a week ago, Bitcoin is on the rise. Congratulations to those who have held on to their Bitcoin. And commiserations to those who have backed out…

The recent rise of Bitcoin in value was and is inevitable. Bitcoin has an inexorable attraction as a store of value that can and will increase very many times faster than the value of gold. Gold, if you look to gold as a store of value, has been stable for thousands of years. A Roman Centurion 2000 years ago got paid roughly the same in gold as a middle manager today would earn in gold. Now that is indicative. It shows inexorably that gold holds its value, which is a good thing. But what it does not show is that gold can rise in value more than other things in thousands of years, much less that it can multiply in value overnight!

It does not do that!


So gold is stable… Invest in gold and you hold your value, but you don’t really increase your net worth. Invest in Bitcoin, on the other hand, and you could multiply your investment multiple times. Hundreds to thousands of times even. Bitcoin has increased in value by a factor of 150,000 since its inception just ten years ago, and Bitcoin is only at the beginning of its life.

Think about that seriously! Is there anything else you could invest in, that even taking the fluctuation of value into account, and the lowest value in years, could have still made you 150,00 times profit? I think not. You know not!

Gold, in real terms, has the same value that it had ten years ago, or a hundred years ago, so think about it, what is the better investment?

To boil it down, it all depends on your appetite for risk and your ability to invest. I’d suggest never to invest in either gold or Bitcoin that you cannot afford to lose. Or in anything else. But the chances of making a fortune from your investments are not equal.

Stay safe, do independent research, never rely on anyone’s advice (because other people may have their own agendas), and don’t invest in anything that you can’t afford to lose without worrying about it. And remember, your circumstances may change. You may feel flush today with an investment that does not pay off, but regret it after a year or two, when you do not have as much cash to spare. That’s an important point.  Think of failure as your beginning.

Reminder: this is not financial advice, merely personal opinion.

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