Bitcoin Presents a Great Buying Opportunity Right Now!

By | December 30, 2017
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The Current Dip in Bitcoin Represents a Great Buying Opportunity:

So Bitcoin value has dropped further than expected…  So what? Well, I think right now is probably the best buying opportunity that will ever be provided for those who were hesitant to get into Bitcoin when it was hovering around $20,000. Because the thing bouncing-bitcoinabout Bitcoin, which we know from its longest history on the blockchain compared to any other cryptocurrency is that Bitcoin always bounces back to higher than its previous high.

It hasn’t really started its recovery yet, but it will, and when it does I fully expect it to go to $25,000 before its next dip in value.

People have asked me on other forums if they should trade Bitcoin for Litecoin or another crypto, and trade back when Bitcoin has recovered. My answer has always been ‘No!’

Hold on to your Bitcoin with a grip of steel, and don’t let go of any of your Bitcoin until at least 2020.

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Why Hold on to Bitcoin or buy right now?

The thing about taking profits or trading off for another crypto is that by doing so, you reduce the overall confidence in Bitcoin for the ordinary investor, and importantly, you miss out on the free fruits of the Bitcoin Tree when there is a fork in the blockchain.

If you trade-off for Litecoin, (and I’m not saying Litecoin is not a good investment on its own, because I believe it is going places), you reduce the speed at which Bitcoin recovers value, you miss out on any new coins generated by forking whilst you are not holding Bitcoin; for example BCH (Bitcoin cash) is worth a lot more than Litecoin, and you are doing the bankers and other institutionalists who want to destroy Bitcoin a favour by reducing the Market Cap of Bitcoin and reducing the chances of big investors having the confidence to get into the Bitcoin market and push Bitcoin Value through the roof.

Bitcoin race

Bitcoin race

There is also this: when Bitcoin begins to seriously recover value, there is going to be a massive rush to re-acquire Bitcoin.

That will create the backlogs in the exchanges that we know always happen when there is huge demand. So once it reaches say, $17,000 and that is convincing enough for you to buy back in, you might be in a backlog that means that the value of Bitcoin reaches $21 or $22k before you can get back in there. Unless you’ve managed to fix a price beforehand, which is not always possible and could mean large transaction fees that lose you profit.

Consider that as a loss of $8 to $9k for every Bitcoin you purchase compared to a gain of the same if you get back in now.

That’s all I’m saying on the subject for the moment. I’ll be interested to read about all the disappointment letters on the forums of those who hesitated too long, and failed to get back in until Bitcoin was worth upwards of $21,000 per coin.

Disclaimer: Not financial advice, because I don’t give financial advice. Just personal opinion. I could be wrong, so do due diligence before making any decisions, and remember that the cryptocurrency market is volatile and although personally I feel it is highly unlikely, you may lose all of your investment.

due diligence definition

Thus, you have to decide for yourself whether the title of this article is true. I would not have written it if I was not sure of my facts.

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