Newsflash on Authorship

By | September 9, 2017
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Authorship has just released the information that their ‘Bounty Campaign. is over! However, on the same page they give a pile of information on how you can benefit from their Bounty Campaign, which is somewhat confusing. But I do think that you cannot get a bounty by following my link. However, you can still ‘contribute’ Ether to their campaign before their ICO closing date of 14th September and grab a big chunk of their ATS tokens for a small chunk of Ether.

Bonus confusion aside, they do provide the following information, which will be useful for beginners:

Besides the free ATS tokens you receive, we’d be happy to see you among our investors as well. While we can only speculate the future value of the ATS tokens, a 500%-1000% increase in value is usually a common among successful ICOs.

So let me quickly redo my calculations… Currently you receive (my best bet) 11,000 Authorship tokens/coins for a single Ether. After they go live on the 14th September, that one Ether investment should be worth about 4.7 Ether.

If you hold onto the ATS tokens/coins and they achieve say their speculative minimum 500% increase in value over the next two-to-a-few years (because it could take as long as that), it would mean your ATS would be worth 2350 Ether at today’s value, which would be about US$822,500.00.

And that is per Ether you invest with Authorship. So invest two Ether and you could be a millionaire in a few years, or less. Again, to me, that seems like a chance worth taking.

Incidentally, as soon as Authorship goes live you should be able to see your Authorship tokens in the same wallet from which you sent your Ether. If you are unsure how to view your tokens, they provide pretty simple guidelines on their website.

However, as always, never invest what you can not afford to completely lose. For some people, the cost of two Ether is their monthly wage.

For others, it is beer money. You have to make your own decisions. Personally, I’d sell my TV to buy Ether, if I had to, so that I could buy ATS tokens with a couple of them. But you? You should ask your financial adviser what to do, because I’m not one of those slugs.

Sorry… Did I just say slugs? I meant very nice people who will look after your money and never think about running away to a non-extradition country with it…