Should I Buy Bitcoin Now: November ’18 ?

By | Dec 9, 2018

Should you buy Bitcoin in November 2018? According to CNBC: “Cryptocurrencies are cheap right now,” says Dan Morehead, founder of Pantera Capital Management, referring in particular to Bitcoin. [So it’s a good time to buy.] Bitcoin is near a six month low right now, but that is not necessarily bad news. From a low, the only way to… Read More »

John Bremner False Analogy Against BCH : BTC…

By | Apr 18, 2018 is providing a deliberately false perspective against Bitcoin. The header of their site makes it seem that the graph they are providing is accurate: Use of the Bitcoin header is under the Fair Use for Criticism accepted policy. Here is the real perspective. Bitcoin cash real value is graphed on the left. Bitcoin is graphed at the… Read More »

John Bremner

Bitcoin: Latest Progress…

By | Apr 17, 2018

Bitcoin Progress This is how Bitcoin progress seems to be going… Up a thousand. Stuck. Up another thousand, stuck. Up another, and stuck again. Currently at around $8000. So what is there to look forward to? The price seems to be growing organically a little, and then a sudden leap as big investors buy in. Where next? My… Read More »

John Bremner

WTF? Holders are Trading Bitcoin…

By | Mar 18, 2018

Trading rather than Holding: Bitcoin holders are trading instead of holding. It’s understandable, but damaging to Bitcoin value in the long run. Until about a month ago, the Market cap of Bitcoin showed that about 30% of owners were holding, waiting for the long-term profit to arrive, even if it took years. Now though, the price of Bitcoin… Read More »

John Bremner

Bitcoin Seems to be on the Way Back…

By | Mar 8, 2018

Organic Rise in Value: Bitcoin is rising in value again, but it is happening slowly, so that’s a good thing because it means the rise in Bitcoin value is organic rather than being driven by investment bankers putting millions into Bitcoin to drive the price up, so that they can sell again and manipulate the prices at the… Read More »

John Bremner

Refuting Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt! Bitcoin…

By | Feb 1, 2018

Don’t Worry – Be Happy! Bitcoin enthusiasts call it FUD, the spreading of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. And there is no doubt that the establishment: the central bankers, governments, and stockbrokers who find themselves unable to list what really is an asset, but cannot legally be listed as one, want to spread as much FUD as possible about… Read More »

John Bremner

Bitcoin Wallet | Hardware Wallets

By | Jan 6, 2018

Store your Bitcoin Safely in a Hardware Wallet: Many new investors will be entering the market right now, taking advantage of the buying opportunity currently presented. And many of them will be inexperienced in cryptocurrency security. They may simply have set up a Bitcoin wallet at the exchange where they purchased their Bitcoin, without even knowing that many… Read More »

John Bremner

Bitcoin Presents a Great Buying Opportunity Right Now!

By | Dec 30, 2017

The Current Dip in Bitcoin Represents a Great Buying Opportunity: So Bitcoin value has dropped further than expected…  So what? Well, I think right now is probably the best buying opportunity that will ever be provided for those who were hesitant to get into Bitcoin when it was hovering around $20,000. Because the thing about Bitcoin, which we know… Read More »

John Bremner

Selected Cryptocurrency Videos

By | Dec 30, 2017
John Bremner

How to Predict Bitcoin Price, with Gravity!

By | Dec 25, 2017

Bitcoin Price Prediction. Where did I go wrong with my last Bitcoin Price Forecast a month ago, on November 18th 2017? I was wrong, wrong, wrong, and far too slow! It’s not that I predicted the wrong value for Bitcoin—I got that correct. It was the time-frame that got me. By following the exponential curve of Bitcoin, I… Read More »

John Bremner